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Three Year Olds

Being three is exciting; there is so much to do and explore. We focus on developing social skills; helping the children learn how to move as part of a group, enter groups successfully, develop friendships, engage in pretend play, just enjoy being silly, and begin to problem solve.

Our curriculum is not a pre-programmed curriculum, but one that the teachers design based on the children's needs and interests. We work around a thematic approach. Throughout the theme, the entire classroom takes on the favor of that theme; this way the children are getting information about a particular topic in a lot of different areas and in a lot of different ways. The classroom is very hands-on; we strive to help foster the love of learning as they interact with the world around them. We also introduce and reinforce basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and letters and other readiness skills.

We spend a lot of time outside enjoying a variety of options – we can play on the playground, dig in the dig area, play organized games in the more open areas, do messy art and science project at the shelter house and just enjoy being outside.

The Threes - The Bumblebees