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Two Year Olds

With this class, we are working towards a more structured curriculum where basic concepts are introduced and choice making is encouraged. We have a couple of large group times throughout the day, but the majority of time is spent individually or in small groups working alongside one another. Our predictable daily routines help provide a sense of security.

With our thematic, teacher designed curriculum, the children use a hands-on approach to discover new concepts as well as reinforce previous learning. As the children learn more self-help skills and take more responsibility for making choices, they realize what wonderful individuals they are and all that they can do.

Our exploration outside increases as the children discover more freedom and mobility. We visit the playground often but also take walks looking for all the squirrels, birds and other critters living in our wooded area, plant flowers and watch them grow and just enjoy being out in the fresh air.

Discovery - The Caterpillars