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Kindergarten readiness involves more than just academic knowledge – the children need to be able to follow directions, interact well with both large and small groups, and verbalize needs and wants. To that end, we fill the curriculum with a broad range of activities geared to develop well-rounded children.

We introduce basic concepts such as recognizing and recalling numbers and letters, positional and relational concepts, writing names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as continue to work on self-help, communication and listening skills.

Our curriculum is thematic with themes changing every three or four weeks. Throughout the theme, the classroom takes on the flavor of the theme so the children are immersed in information, activities and projects about the topic. The classroom is very hands-on; we strive to help the children learn the love of learning as they interact with the world around them.

We also spend a lot of time outside enjoying a variety of options – we can play on the playground, dig in the dig area, play organized games in the more open areas, do messy art and science project at the shelter house and just enjoy being outside.

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