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School Agers

Our before/after school program includes both active, fun times when the children can really move and release energy as well as quieter activities in the classroom including art projects, board games and other activity areas. When the weather permits, the children are outside enjoying the time to just be a kid; playing on the playground, playing organized games in the open areas, doing art and science projects in the shelter house and just having fun.

The children have also initiated various outreach projects to help others. When they recognized there were homeless people in Indianapolis – they collected food, clothing and toiletries to send out to the streets, made lots of bright, warm blankets to keep them warm and cooked meals to help feed them. Recently, they collected shoe donations for children in an urban preschool. All of these activities came about because the children saw a need and decided they could do some positive things to help. It is great to see them empowered and making a positive difference in the world around them.

We transport to many of the Center Grove Community Schools as well as a few of the Greenwood Community Schools.

Before and After School