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Since 1978...  Woodside Children's Center has been providing outstanding, quality child care to families in the greater Greenwood, Center Grove, Indiana area.

We specialize in caring for children from as young as 12 months old, up to and including those children that are 12 years old.

Our hours are from 6:00am until 6:30pm, Monday through Friday.

We are licensed by the state of Indiana and a member of the Indiana Association of Licensed Child Care Centers. Our facility is approved to provide care for 105 children. We currently have openings in several of our classrooms and accept pre-registrations for classes that are currently full.

Our facility is nestled in a beautiful 13 acre wooded area. The mature trees and park like atmosphere provide countless opportunities for play and discovery. Age appropriate equipment and ample running room encourages physical activity. Our indoor swimming pool helps build strong muscles and teaches a skill that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our core staff members have been with Woodside Children's Center for an average of over 15 years, some have been here over 25 years.  Our teachers love what they are doing and have a real commitment to the children and the program.


The programs and curriculum at Woodside Children's Center are based not only on formal education and training in children’s developmental stages and characteristics, but also on years of experience with children.  Woodside caregivers daily nurture and observe children 12 months through 12 years as they pass through these stages. The curriculum is based on the belief in the importance and appropriateness of active learning for children in these formative years; therefore, children are encouraged to be active learners, to interact with the environment and the people around them.

We consider play essential in this interaction.  Through play, children can manipulate the world around them and learn various principles.  It is this focus on the child’s natural curiosity, creativity and physical manipulation of the environment that is the cornerstone of our thinking.

We also believe that it is important to help shape well-rounded children.  In order to stimulate this, we offer a variety of activities for each area of development - social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.


At Woodside Children's Center, it is our goal...

  • To provide high quality care for the children entrusted to us.
  • To provide a friendly, caring, nurturing, and healthy environment, conducive to happiness, growth and learning.
  • To provide a well-rounded curriculum through which the children have opportunities to develop social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.
  • To provide a pleasant, friendly work atmosphere for all employees, emphasizing team work and team spirit.
  • To employ reliable, loyal, well-trained staff with whom to fulfill our obligation of high quality care for the children we care for and their parents.
  • To foster and maintain open communications between parents, caregivers, and children to enhance trust, continuity of care, and exchange of information.

At Woodside Children's Center, parents are always encouraged to join in and become involved with our program. There are many ways that parents can participate.

    • Join us for Lunch or Classroom Time.
    • Attend Parent Nights and Activities.
    • Help with Field Trips and Special Projects.
    • Send in additional resource materials related to our units.

Hours of Operation

Woodside Children's Center hours:
Monday 6:00am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 6:00am - 6:30pm
Wednesday 6:00am - 6:30pm
Thursday 6:00am - 6:30pm
Friday 6:00am - 6:30pm
Office hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm

We are closed:
• New Year’s Day • Memorial Day • July 4th • Labor Day • Thanksgiving • Friday after Thanksgiving • Christmas Day

Woodside Children's Center is a great place to work.